Bryce Menzies

Bryce Menzies

2020-2021, 2017, 2016, Desert Racing, Short Course

Bryce Menzies has made quite an impact in the Desert Racing scene in 2020 and 2021. Among his many wins in his AWD truck, Bryce is the back-to-back (2020 and 2021) Toyo Desert Invitational champion at King of the Hammers. He also won the 2020 Best in the Desert Vegas to Reno race and is racking up wins south of the border in the SCORE International Trophy Truck class, including the 2021 San Felipe 250 and the Baja 400, where he led every mile of the race on his way to the win.  Bryce's win at the Baja 400 puts him on the pole for the 2021 SCORE International Baja 1000.

2016-2017 Archives (Short Course): Bryce Menzies is another athlete who has excelled in many endeavors. Bryce created quite a buzz last year, when he launched his Pro 2 truck to a new Guinness World Record distance jump of more than 300 feet. Setting the record came at a cost, however, and Bryce missed the 2016 Crandon World Cup and several other races, including the Dakar Rally, due to lingering injuries from the jump attempts. We’re honoring Bryce here for the Impact he made on his return to Crandon for the 2017 World Cup. Bryce was in top form, holding off some tough competition, racing three races in one day. Three races, and three wins for Bryce. He swept the Pro-2 and Pro-4 races, as well as the 2017 Crandon World Cup, in front of 50,000 fans.

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