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CJ Greaves

CJ Greaves

2020-2021, 2017, 2016, Short Course

CJ Greaves earned his 6th Pro 4 championship in 2021, winning five races on his way to the championship. CJ also raced the highly competitive Pro UTV class, where he won three races and finished second in the 2021 point standings. 

Half of the formidable 'G Team' at Johnny G Motorsports, CJ is the son of veteran racer Johnny Greaves.  The duo is often seen racing side by side Pro 4, battling for the lead.  Still a force to be reckoned with, Johnny earned wins 100 and 101 in his career in 2021, and was quoted as gleefully exclaiming, "You just got beat by a grandpa!"  (We're sure CJ won't mind us giving his dad a little recognition too!)


2016-2017 Archives: CJ Greaves took up motocross at an early age, but the call of short-course racing was too strong. He began his off-road career at age 14, and earned his first title in The Off Road Championship Series (TORC) Super Buggy class that same year. CJ moved to Pro 2, earning the title in 2014, 2015, and 2016. He continues to make quite an Impact in the world of Short Course racing. He and his father, Johnny Greaves, often battle wheel-to-wheel for the win. CJ dominated the TORC series yet again this season, winning the Pro Stock UTV Championship, Pro Mod UTV Championship (with a 12-win streak), and the Pro 4 Championship—for the third year in a row.