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Juan Carlos Salvatierra

Juan Carlos Salvatierra

2020-2021, Moto | ATV

During the 2020 lockdowns, I started watching Baja 1000 videos, and I decided that was the next big challenge I wanted to do. So I got entered for the 2020 Baja 500, in Pro Moto Ironman, and got hooked on the Baja races and challenge of the ironman class. I enjoy big challenges to myself and this one was big.

In 2021 I helped my friend and teammate from Bolivia, Fabricio Fuentes so that we could both race together in the series. We put together our small team compromised of a chase van, 2 mechanics, and 2 more helpers. And we have been very successful getting 1st and 2nd in all races except the season opener where I got second after suffering through stomach problems the entire day.

Off-road is my life. It's what gets me motivated every day to become a better athlete and person.