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Landen Brown

Landen Brown

2020-2021, Rock Sports

Editor's Note: Landen is eight years old. This was written by his dad, Wyatt, who is Landen's spotter in the rock crawling competitions.

My favorite part is being a family that loves off-road.  To be able to watch our boys enjoy Rockcrawling and embrace it as their passion as it is ours is amazing. We love off-roading anytime and anywhere we can.

The off-road journey we have experienced so far has taken us as a family all across the country and allowed us to become closer as a family while enjoying the sport. Landen has enjoyed the competition side and freewheeling side so much, but if you ask him, his favorite part about being strapped into his buggy is being able to go fast.

Landen has had great success off-roading and will only be growing more and more as he gets older. He has been driving a real buggy since he was 4 years old and is now competing, and winning, against adults. He is currently 8 and is helping his younger brother Gunner, who is 4, to get settled into his buggy as well. Watch for a Brown brother duo coming soon!

2021 has been a great year for us as a family and from here I only see it getting better.

 Our plans for the future are to keep growing as a family as much as we can in the off-road world and have as much fun doing while we can! We have met a lot of people along the way that have embraced us. It would be hard to get involved in any other sport.

Let’s bring on the future and help make the sport bigger and better!