Loren Healy

Loren Healy

2020-2021, 2019, Rock Sports

It's been a busy couple of years for me in Ultra4!  I helped Ford launch the new 2021 Ford Bronco, won my fourth consecutive Ultra4 short course race at the 'Big House' in Crandon, Wisconsin, won the 2021 El Rey de las Bajas in San Felipe, and I teamed up with Paul Horschel to win the 4400 class at the 2020 Baja 1000.

Off-Road is my whole life -- my passion, my hobby, and my career. I'll be here 'til I die.


2019 Archive: Loren is one of Ultra4 Racing’s top drivers and is a two-time King of the Hammers. What landed him on the Hall of Fame Impact Award list for 2019 is his performance at this year’s Ultra4 Stampede, where he came back from a spectacular crash in qualifying to win the main event in his 4400 car and also win the UTV class in his Polaris Turbo S. Winning one class at the highly competitive short course Stampede is a fete. To win two classes in the same day in two different vehicles that are so mechanically and physically different is what made us take notice. Healy’s Polaris Turbo S UTV has 180 horsepower, his Ultra4 car pushes 800+. Healy’s ability to adjust to two entirely different race vehicles and come away with wins in both on the same day is a testament to his skill as a driver.

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