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Nic Garvin

Nic Garvin

2020-2021, Moto | ATV

Our racing season in 2020 was put on hiatus like most of the world but when we got to go back racing 2020 Vegas to Reno was our first race back. After racing the 550 miles solo, I placed 2nd Pro Moto to Ricky Brabec. This gave us the aspirations to go racing in 2021 including Best In the Desert, National Hare and Hounds, and SCORE International. We started the season off with a BANG!

I was the Pro moto winner at the Parker 250 beating the likes of Factory Beta and also was sitting 5th overall in the National Hare and Hound series with my best career finishes. At the Silver State 300, I took another overall victory and barely missed the overall on the trucks by 20 seconds after my encounter with a cow 30 miles before the finish.

I took all my success to the Baja 500 where in the first 110 miles of the race I opened up a 12 minute lead on the competition. As my first stint was done I hopped on a dirt bike to take the cross-over road to my next section. While transferring to my section I was involved in a life-altering head-on collision with a UTV. Breaking both my femurs, dislocation to my wrist, 5 broken bones in my hand, and a shattered knee cap. My racing successes for the 2021 season all came to an abrupt halt. Unfortunately, I won't get to finish out my successes for the year, I got to show a mirror of the hard work we put into my racing efforts.

Off-road to me means getting to gather with some of the people I call my family and getting to enjoy wherever the dirt will lead us. My plans for the future include finishing out what I believe was going to be the best year I've had and starting to dip into other challenges such as rally racing. My life is off-road racing and being around people who love any kind of off-road sport.