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Dan Grec - The Road Chose Me

Dan Grec - The Road Chose Me

2022, Adventure

ORMHOF congratulates Dan Grec of The Road Chose Me for being on of the first recipients of the Hall of Fame Impact Award in the new Adventure category.

Some of Dan's recent adventures:

  • Expedition from Alaska to Argentina - 2 years, 17 countries & 40,000 miles.
  • Expedition around the coastline of Africa - 3 years, 35 countries & 54,000 miles
  • Expedition right around Australia - 1.5 years & 32,000 miles.
  • Speaking, teaching, and presentations and 15 different 4x4/Overland shows across North America.
  • Published multiple books aimed at inspiring others to get out and follow their dreams of adventure.

Dan told ORMHOF, "To me, off-road means pushing my limits and exploring places I've never been before on a global scale. My off-road adventures give me the opportunity to meet new people, try new foods, learn foreign languages and experience new cultures. I'm also an ambassador for my home country, and the global off-road community, showing people in remote villages all around the world what can be achieved with a big smile, a handshake, and the right attitude. Off-road is about inclusive adventures that bring people together in a safe and responsible way. I aim to keep exploring the world by 4x4, and am already planning my next major expedition to countries I have not yet explored. I also plan to focus on education and will speak at a host of 4x4 and overland shows across North America. One goal is to teach others everything they need to know to explore the world in their own 4x4."