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Megan Mitchell

Megan Mitchell

2022, UTV

Congratulations to Megan Mitchell for being a 2022 Impact Award honoree in the UTV Category. Some of Megan's accomplishments include:

  • GBC Stadium Short Course UTV Stock champion 2021
  • GBC Stadium Short Course UTV Stock class - 4 podiums and 3 wins 2022
  • WORCS win in the Women’s class

Megan says, "Off-road has always been an escape for me, a way to clear my mind and refocus. When I’m driving nothing else matters, except for the turn in front of me. There is a certain thrill in being off a paved road and not knowing what awaits in the dust cloud ahead that ignites a spark of passion inside me. In the future, I plan to further my racing career in the UTV class and drive as much as possible."