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Tim & Kelsey Huber - Dirt Sunrise

Tim & Kelsey Huber - Dirt Sunrise

2022, Adventure

ORMHOF asked Tim & Kelsey of Dirt Sunrise about their recent adventures:

We drove from Arizona to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and explored Canada as we went. We then drove down to Baja to race the NORRA 500. (Tim drove and co-drove a 5-1600 to 1st place in class) We returned to Baja a month later to race the Baja 1000. (Tim drove and co-drove a Class 11 to 7th place. (Just glad to finish)) We then headed for Big Bend National Park in Texas on our way to shipping our 4x4 to Europe. In Europe, we headed via ferry to North Africa to explore the Sahara and Tunisia. We then returned and did a loop of the United Kingdom before exploring our way across Europe through the Alps. We turned South in Slovenia through the Balkans to Greece. After a loop of Greece, we drove to Asia and began exploring Türkiye for a couple of months. After reaching Armenia we turned back towards Europe and we are now making out way to the Netherlands where we'll ship back to the United States. 

Off-road means freedom.

Off-road is the great equalizer and represents the unknown. Off-road and the great oceans of the world are where we plan to spend the rest of our lives exploring remote places.