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Gray Leadbetter

Gray Leadbetter

2015, 2023, Short Course

My name is Gray Leadbetter. I am 18 years old and have been racing my whole life. I grew up on dirt bikes, slowly working my way into 4 wheels around 11. I have run anything from go-karts to sprint cars to off-road trucks. I ran The UTV World Championships in Laughlin, NV in 2017 and 2018, finishing both times. In 2019 at 14, I raced Americas RallyCross (ARX) as the youngest and only female in the series, I finished 5th in the championship. In 2018 I started racing with Johnny G Motorsports in Short-Course Off Road in a Yamaha SXS. Eventually, in 2021 I moved to Ryan Beat Motorsports to start racing a Pro-Spec truck. Away from racing full-time, I am an average girl who loves spending time with her friends and is a huge animal lover. I love to travel and explore, but my happy place has always been at the race track.

I started racing for Ryan Beat Motorsports (RBM) in the pro-spec truck for Championship Off-Road Racing. I won the championship last year as the first and only female to win a pro truck race and championship. I have continued this year with RBM in the pro-spec, we currently are sitting 2nd in points and haven't finished off the podium. I also raced a Nitrocross SXS in Oklahoma and was able to come home with a 4th in that. I have 7 straight podiums to start the 2023 season and am sitting in third place in points for Pro Spec.

"Off-road means everything to me. It's such a unique sport that I don't think enough people know about it. Growing up on dirt bikes short course has always meant something special to me. My heart has always been racing on dirt, and being able to be in a truck and race on what essentially is a widened-out dirt bike track is just something so special. My plans for the future are to be able to get in whatever vehicle I can; a dream would be to be in a Pro4 truck in one, racing alongside the guys I've always looked up to. Being able to race some desert races too has always been at the back of my mind; I simply just love going fast." -- Gray Leadbetter