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Jim O'Neal

Jim O'Neal

2023, Moto | ATV

Jim O’Neal grew up in Southern California with a passion for motorcycles that simply couldn’t be stopped! As a young man being raised in the foothills outside of Los Angeles, Jim would ride his motorcycle to school in the morning and in the afternoons carve tracks and trails in the local hills.

In 1961, at just 15 years old, Jim talked a friend into letting him borrow a modified ’57 Frances Barnett to go racing with. Jim soon became a regular fixture often winning at local Rough Scrambles, TT Race events, and soon thereafter desert racing.

Jim's deep-rooted dedication to motorcycles pushed him to create a company dedicated to better parts, apparel, protection, and accessories, and in 1970 O’NEAL USA was born. While remaining involved in the business for more than five decades, Jim's drive for racing and competing always remained a priority.

Jim has competed in more than 120 SCORE Baja races racking up 62 class wins, 24 class championships, and earning himself into the Trail Blazers Hall of Fame as well as the Hot Shoe Hall of Fame.

During the past year, Jim earned a first-place finish in the Pro Moto 50 at the 2022 Baja 500 and also earned a SCORE World Desert Championship in the Pro Moto 50 class. As Jim is now in his 6th decade consecutively racing motorcycles. Jim's plans remain focused in and around racing.

“My goal is to continue to race motorcycles as long as my body will let me do so. I still enjoy riding and racing in Baja as much as possible and hope to be riding for many years to come. I further hope to remain active in the business of helping to make better apparel, protective gear, and accessories for motorcyclists to enjoy while riding.” -- Jim O'Neal

Jim still rides once or twice a week in his spare time, which he says is 'still fun'. He plans to continue racing the SCORE Baja 500 and 1000 races, the Vet World Championships, and as many Big 6/ AMA National Grand Prix Championship races as he can get to.