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Nick & Mathilde - Next Meridian Expedition

Nick & Mathilde - Next Meridian Expedition

2023, Adventure

We are Nick and Mathilde, 29 years old, and we’ve left everything behind to go on a 3-year world tour with our Defender Albatross. We are both French, and Nick is also half-Italian.

Working good jobs back in Brussels and Paris we decided our holidays were too short and turning the car around to go back home when our holidays were over didn’t fit us, so we decided to go on a road trip with the objective to set foot on all 7 continents.

In every single country we’ve been to so far, 22 total, we have always traveled off-road to find remote camping spots with a view. We try to reach our interest points via the B-routes, it takes longer but the memory is stronger and the landscape more intense. Some of our favorite off-roads were in Colombia, the USA on Moab's White Rim Trial, and in Finland when we crossed 50% of the country on gravel roads.

Our future plans? Getting off the beaten path, taking the B-route, taking the scenic or long route to reach the point of interest. Going through villages, eating at small local restaurants, and sleeping away from the main camping sites by finding our own. For us off-road doesn’t mean hardcore 4x4 tracks for weekend offroads. We are overlanding off-roaders.

Our motto.
One life: unlimited realities to live.
Everything is possible when you chose to get out there.
Live your adventure.
Explore the unknown.
We are loving it!