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Skyler Howes

Skyler Howes

2023, Moto | ATV

My grandfather and father paved the way for me in the off-road world, building and racing the legendary Baja Boot. My grandpa worked for GM and traded his mechanic time for drive time in the car.

While in the workshop, my dad indirectly got his first motorcycle from Steve McQueen. He would pre-run the race courses on his dirt bike, then sit in the co-driver seat for my grandpa down in Baja. This lit the lifetime fire of racing off-road for my family.

I grew up in Southern Utah which, in my opinion, is the greatest place on earth for off-roading. It was always just for fun, spending the weekends camping and riding, going to the races with no expectation other than to just have fun. We built a Baja Bug for my first car and I spent every moment possible out testing its, and my, limits in the desert.

The love for anything off-road burns strong in me and is the reason why I’ve been able to reach some incredible milestones. Now my entire goal is to enjoy every moment possible and to help spread the love that I have for off-road in hopes that more people around the world can enjoy the same things I’ve been able to. -- Skyler Howes

Off-Road recreation and racing have provided me with an incredible life. Spending valuable time with family, making friends for a lifetime, and experiencing things that are so awesome it's hard to describe. I hope to share my enthusiasm so that it sparks the same fire that I have in others so that they can enjoy anything off-road.

Looking to the future, the only thing I can do is plan on loving every moment of this awesome opportunity. Take in every moment, the good and the bad, and put the lessons learned into my everyday life and race craft. Between now and when my time racing is up, I want to share my knowledge and experience with anyone and everyone so that maybe they can learn some lessons a little easier than I did and it leads them on a path that they can experience even more awesome things than me.

Skyler Howes Recent Accomplishments:

2022 Silver State 300 BITD 1st overall,

2022 Vegas to Reno BITD 1st overall

2022 Rallye Du Maroc World Rally 1st overall

2022 Sonora Rally 1st overall

2023 Dakar Rally 3rd overall Podium (1 of 5 total Americans to finish on the podium of the Dakar Rally)