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Tim Morton

Tim Morton

Tim Morton’s journey to the Hall of Fame began in 1983 at the Baja 1000. He was just sixteen years old.

His accomplishments include seven Baja 1000 wins, seven Baja 500 wins, and five San Felipe 250 wins. Tim earned four SCORE motorcycle points championships in his career and a SCORE Overall Pro Motorcycle points championship.

Tim’s racing success and attention to detail evolved into mentoring and coaching other Baja racers and helping them achieve their dreams. His ‘arrive and ride’ program for Baja racing has spanned more than twenty years. Tim and his wife Jennifer have mentored over sixty race teams and Ironman racers, with a 100% finish rate, for their fully supported racers through their company, Baja Bound Adventures. Of his clients, Tim says, “I get to share their stories and help them make memories for a lifetime, and that’s a pretty great feeling.”

But Tim’s true passion is the local people of Baja that allow him to enjoy and share their land. He continually goes out of his way to show gratitude and teach others to travel South of the border with the same attitude.

2010 NORRA first OA

    A quiet philanthropist, Tim gives back to the people of Baja in meaningful ways. He carries supplies into remote areas on his motorcycle, leaving bags of dog food on doorsteps when no one is home and work boots on front porches because he sees a need and wants to fill it in some way. 2018 Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame inductee Johnny Campbell said of Tim Morton, “Tim has always been a great fan of the underdog whether it was a team he was racing with or just some young up and coming kids making an effort against the factory supported teams. He always is willing to share his Baja and racing knowledge with most anyone, especially those new to the desert racing discipline.”

    Johnny continued, “Tim’s heart is for people and specifically the people of Baja. He has spent decades now traveling the peninsula investing in the people there and promoting the off-road culture to help insure we can enjoy that mysterious piece of desert we all love so much! Tim has introduced thousands of enthusiasts to Baja through his tour business and shows them the right way, through respect for the locals and their land. Tim has been a huge donor of time and resources to help many families and ranchers in Baja, helping them with building gates and cattle guards, donating supplies to children and making an impact on their lives.”

    2006 Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame inductee Sal Fish echoed Johnny’s sentiments about Tim. “Tim Morton is a great example of why the Off-Road Hall Of Fame was established. He is a gentleman off road racer, was captured by our sport, won numerous races, and started a business centered around introducing and making it possible for the average person to go racing. While doing this, he had the utmost respect for the people of Baja.” Sal concluded, saying “Over the years, I witnessed first-hand the good will that Tim displayed for many less fortunate families throughout the Baja Peninsula. He is an ambassador for off-roading.”

    Tim’s wife Jennifer shared this story: “As a mom, I have plenty of childhood photos of our son Grant. But moms in remote areas on the Baja peninsula don’t have the luxury of school photos or having photos printed down the street at a store. For decades, long before smart phones, Tim has taken pictures of kids at ranches in very remote areas. He prints and laminates them at home and on his next trip, delivers them to the families. I’ve seen mothers and grandparents burst into tears when he returns, sometimes years later, with pictures of their kids when they were younger.”

    Tim and Jennifer have organized quite a few benefit trail rides and trash clean ups in Baja. “It’s our philosophy to not give large sums of cash to ensure our donors money is being spent responsibly,” said Jennifer. “We give some donations directly but have used donors’ funds to personally pay for school uniforms, books and school supplies, provided lap top computers, building supplies, toiletries, and art supplies.”

    Tim has also provided math and reading tutors since quite a few kids arrive at an orphanage years behind, never having attended school. Since many of the kids in orphanages have abandonment and anger issues, Tim has raised funds and paid for counseling, organized sports, and even horse therapy. “We received amazing feedback that one of the angriest teen boys who took part in the horse therapy is now thriving,” said Jennifer.

    Seeing yet another need to be filled, Tim and Jennifer recently coordinated a program to collect and donate used driving/fire suits to Mag 7 and Baja Pits volunteers to help keep them safer during refueling pit stops.

    “I tease Tim for bringing socks to the kids in Southern Baja since it’s too hot and they wear sandals, but he does it anyway,” said Jennifer.