2019 Impact Awards Presented by Glen Helen Raceway 

“We want to recognize the people in the sport of off-road who have truly made an impact over the past year. There are so many great people in our sport it gets harder every year to narrow down the list. The Impact Award nominees are on track to becoming inductees one day, and each year we will continue the recognize the up and coming generations as they continue to help grow our industry.” – Bud Feldkamp, Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame Inductee and Board Member; and Chairman of Glen Helen Raceway.

Voting Members of the Hall of Fame selected the recipients in each category by email ballot. The results were announced at the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame 2019 Induction & Awards Ceremony presented by 4 Wheel Parts on Sunday, November 3  at the South Point in Las Vegas. The winners are starred in red, above.

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Impact Award Archives

Off-Road Racing – 2019 Andy McMillin, 2018 Ryan Arciero, 2017 Harley Letner, 2016 Andy McMillin, 2015 Bryce Menzies | Short Course – 2019 Kyle LeDuc, 2018 RJ Anderson, 2017 Carl Renezeder, 2016 Kyle LeDuc, 2015 RJ Anderson | Rock Sports – 2019 Loren Healy, 2018 Jason Scherer, 2017 Wayland Campbell, 2016 Erik Miller, 2015 Wayland Campbell Motorcycle/ATV/UTV – 2019 Phil Blurton, 2018 Phil Blurton, 2017 Kristen Matlock, 2016 Sara Price, 2015 Brandon Baron | Industry – 2019 Dave Cole, 2018 Joey DiGiovanni, 2017 Daryl Folks, 2016 Charlene Bower, 2015 Nate Hunt | Advocate – 2019 Amy Granat, 2018 Charlene Bower, 2017 Charlene Bower, 2016 Todd Ockert, 2015 Desiree Bates

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2019 Nominees:

Desert Racing          Short Course         Moto | ATV | UTV          Rock Sports          Industry          Advocate

2018 Nominees: 

Desert Racing          Short Course          Moto | ATV | UTV         Rock Sports          Industry          Advocate

2017 Nominees:

Desert Racing          Short Course         Moto | ATV | UTV          Rock Sports          Industry          Advocate

Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame Land Use Donation

Each year the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame sets aside a percentage of donations received to contribute back to the off-road community in the form of a land use donation.

2019 Red Rock 4 Wheelers Multiple Use Defense (MUD) Fund

The Red Rock 4-Wheelers in Moab, Utah, work to keep our recreational trails open through their Multiple Use Defense (MUD) Fund.   ORMHOF board member Dave Cole, right, was pleased to present the Hall of Fame 2019 Land Use Donation to the Red Rock 4-Wheelers, represented by the organization’s vice president, Bob Kraft, center.

When trail access or other multiple uses of the public lands are threatened,  the most important defense need is someone’s time and effort. It takes dedicated personal effort just to plan how to spend available money. The most serious threats are likely to call for professional services in the form of legal counsel and actions.

The Red Rock 4-Wheelers are committed to defend and repair the Jeep Safari trails for all to enjoy.

2018 Friends of Oceano Dunes

2017 CORVA and San Diego Off Road Coalition

2016 Blue Ribbon Coalition

Louis Unser “Never Give Up” Award

The recipient of the Louis Unser “Never Give Up” Award must demonstrate a pursuit of excellence in the face of adversity. Louis Unser relentlessly fought through health issues to persevere in his passion for engine building. Like Louis, the recipient must exemplify a “never give up” attitude in their motorsports career, demonstrating a relentless attitude, indomitable spirit and perseverance.

The 2019 Louis Unser “Never Give Up” Award was presented to Ed Waldheim by Hall of Fame inductee and board member, Frank DeAngelo.  Waldheim, who had been fighting cancer, still managed to attend the ceremony. He was weakened from cancer treatments and was confined to a wheelchair, but the big thumbs up and smile on his face tell a lot about this remarkable man.  Ed passed away within weeks attending the ceremony. We are so honored and grateful that he was able to attend in person and receive the outpouring of thanks and gratitude from the more than 500 people in attendance that night.

Waldheim was a competitive off-road motorcycle racer for five years and later earned numerous accolades and awards for his advocacy on behalf of the off-roading community. Ed was appointed by two governors to serve as a Commissioner for the State Parks OHV Division.

Among his many awards and honors were the Golden Helmet Award from the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Division of California’s Department of Parks and Recreation and the Off-Roader of the Year from the California Off-Road Vehicle Association, Bureau of Land Management Volunteer of the Year award, AMA Motorcycling Advocate award, National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council Perseverance Award.

Waldheim was a founder of Friends of Jawbone, Friends of El Mirage and Friends of Dumont Dunes in California. He was inducted into the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame in 2005 and into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 2007. He also had the main building at California’s Hungry Valley State Vehicular Recreation Area named in his honor.

2019 Ed Waldheim, Hall of Fame Land Use Advocate

2018 Dick Landfield, Hall of Fame Racer, Creator of Ford Rough Riders

2017 Malcolm Smith, Off-Road Motorcycle Legend

2016 Charlie and Linda Engelbart, SCORE International Volunteers

2015 Rod Hall, ORMHOF, Rod Hall Racing, 50 consecutive Baja 1000s

Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame Volunteer Award

2019 Friends of Jawbone

ORMHOF board member Jeff Furrier, left, presented the Hall of Fame 2019 Volunteer Award to Friends of Jawbone representative Randy Baines.

Unfortunately the group’s mascot, Mr Bob, could not attend. Mr Bob is a 121 year old desert tortoise, who has lived at Jawbone Station, the organization’s Visitor Center in the Mojave Desert, for the past 24 years.  Randy was on hand to represent Mr Bob and the hundreds of human volunteers who have donated their time and resources to the Friends of Jawbone.

The Friends of Jawbone has three goals:  1) To provide a forum for the users of public lands in and around Jawbone Canyon to promote the preservation, multiple use, and restoration of all public lands, 2) To support and develop projects which improve, protect, and maintain existing trails in the area, 3) To promote understanding, education, and cooperation between the various users of public lands.

The Friends of Jawbone was organized as a steering committee in 1996.  The group successfully opened a visitors center that same year, and Ed Waldheim, now a Hall of Fame inductee, was elected as president.

In 1997 it was decided that a map of the riding areas surrounding Jawbone Station should be created.  Through grants, donations, and OHV Green Sticker funds, Friends of Jawbone and the California Trail Users Coalition now offers an extensive series of printed and digital maps of trails in Mohave and beyond.

Friends of Jawbone not only maps the trails, but they have their own maintenance yard, and maintain hundreds of miles of trails using their own equipment.

2018 Cort Elgar, Old School Dune Buggies and Sand Rails Reunion

2017 Citizens of Crandon, Wisconsin, Home of Crandon International Raceway

2016 Tom Heyl, ORMHOF Volunteer