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Dave Cole

Dave Cole

2023, 2019, 2018, Industry

There are movers and shakers in the off-road industry, and Dave Cole, co-founder of the wildly popular King of the Hammers desert race and Ultra4 Racing Series, is no exception.

Dave continues to shake things up, and in 2022 he sold Ultra4 Racing into the capable hands of the Robinett family at American Outdoor Events, retaining ownership of King of the Hammers and Ultra4 Europe.

Always the innovator, Dave is working on plans for King of the Hammers 2024  and several other off-road-related projects. 


Dave Cole is the man behind the global off-road phenomenon that is Ultra4 Racing and the series’ flagship event, King of the Hammers. The “King of” brand is visible around the world, with races in Europe, New Zealand, Canada, and Baja, in addition to East and West Coast US Series and a National Championship. Dave brought Ultra4 drivers and vehicles to China, where an astounding 17 to 20 million people tuned in to watch a televised exhibition. Back in the US, a documentary series “Journey to the Hammers” aired on ABC Sports. A racer at heart, Dave competes in other off-road race series and has many class wins and podium finishes to his credit.