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Dave Wong

Dave Wong

2023, Rock Sports

I found Rock crawling in the late 90s and fell in love quickly. I began wheeling in the Sierras of Northern California, running local trails and the Rubicon as much as possible.

I have always enjoyed pushing the limits of my vehicles. In 2004 I built my first rear steer "buggy". I began competing in Cal Rocks from 2007-2009. In 2010 life made me take a break from rock sports. A few years later, I was picked up by a UTV desert race team and by an Ultra4 4400 race team to be the co-driver. After racing Cal City, Baja, and Vegas to Reno with the UTV team and NorCal Rock Racing, Ultra4 in Fallon, and King of the Hammers with the Ultra4 team, I knew I had to get back into the driver's seat.

With the help of some amazing people in the off-road community, I was able to get back into the Rock Crawling competition scene. In the last 6 years, I have competed in SuperCrawl, W.E.Rock, The Delta Classic Rock Crawl, Texas Top Gun Shootout, King of the Hammers(right seat), KOH Shootout, Trail breaker, and Trail Breaker Japan! I have been chasing my dream of competing as much as possible and the adventure has been epic!

It has been a busy year of competition. My spotter, Nate Reed, and I finished the 2022 W.E.Rock season in 2nd place for the Western Series. We also finished 2nd at the W.E.Rock Nationals. At the 2022 Trail Breaker event, I earned a spot through LCQ and went on to win the Trail Breaker event. (The trail is now named, "The Wong Way"!)

2023 has been going well with 3 W.E.Rock 1st place finishes in Mason, TX, Cedar City, UT, and Vernal, UT, and 3rd place in Bagdad, AZ. Going into the last western series event in Goldendale, WA, we are leading the points race for the Western Series and the National Series. At the 2023 Delta Classic Rock Crawl, spotter Rich Klein and I also finished top of the podium. 

Editor's Note:  Dave won that last event in Goldendale, finishing at the top of the points in the W.E.Rock Western Series and National Series.

"Off Road has changed my life! I love it! I like all things off-road, but I have a passion for rock sports! I plan to continue to compete in rock crawling and participate in any rock sports I am able to!" -- Dave Wong