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Jared MacLeod

Jared MacLeod

2020-2021, Advocate

I am an off-road advocate, enthusiast, and dedicated volunteer. I am currently serving as the Vice President of Friends of Oceano Dunes, and the VP of Education for California Off-Road Vehicle Association (CORVA).

In recent years I have fully immersed myself in the fight to save Oceano Dunes SVRA (Pismo Dunes) for camping, off-road recreation, and vehicle access for all. I have attended what seems like non-stop meetings with numerous Government agencies, provided public testimony and comments, written substantive comments and letters as well as done outreach to meet with elected and appointed Government officials.

Most notably was my outreach project to meet with potential Gubernatorial candidates for the recent California Governor Recall Election. Through this effort, I was able to successfully meet, talk and engage with numerous candidates. When not consumed with this work, I spend my available time promoting OHV Advocacy, working off-road fundraiser events, assisting with multiple organization’s social media outreach, and help to fundraise for off-road land use and legal efforts.

Off-roading to me means being of service, a good steward, and fighting for what we love. Off-roading, camping, and outdoor recreation hold a special place in my heart. Through my youth in the Scouting program working towards Eagle Scout, and being raised in an off-road family, I learned that the key importance of outdoor and off-road recreation is the joy it brings to our youth and our families.

As an adult, my service, volunteer work, and advocacy quickly evolved towards what matters most to my family, off-road recreation. With the threats to our sport and way of life in recent years, I felt it my obligation and calling to fully dedicate myself to the fight for off-roaders and public land access in California. I fight for off-road recreation in California for future generations to enjoy before it’s too late. I knew at the time that this decision would set my course towards a lifelong commitment. The sacrifice is great and the work often consuming, but it must be done to save our sport for our children to enjoy. We have too much to lose and too much at stake.

I plan to continue my current work, expand to new projects and collaboration with other advocates and help to teach and encourage future advocates to fight for our sport.

The biggest impact we could ever make is what we leave behind for others.