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Jim Ryan

Jim Ryan

2023, 2018, Industry

Jim has had a lengthy media career involving different aspects of the off-road community. This involved media corporations such as Cycle News, Petersen Publishing, Prime Media, Advanstar and Ryan Communications, and Source Interlink. These positions include sales rep, group sales manager, publisher, group publisher, and media business owner levels. He is currently with SCORE International as the V.P. of Marketing and Sales.

"The past 12 months have focused on the continued growth of SCORE's marketing and media impact to support the SCORE World Desert Championship Series, The Racers, Sponsors, and associated manufacturers in reaching SCORE's global racer and off-road performance enthusiast base," Jim told ORMHOF.  "I have also been focusing on Sponsor development and management, SCORE Journal's Monthly edit direction, New website and RACER profile website development along with a major effort cataloging SCORE Archives for the past 50 years, so we can celebrate SCORE's 50th Anniversary year as a continuous racing organization."

"The off-road culture is what I have been involved with for over four decades. I have been able to experience all the industry changes and challenges and opportunities." -- Jim Ryan

"I have been working for the past decade at SCORE International, as we make sure we have the building blocks to grow SCORE and off-road motorsports in general for the future, Jim explained. "Showcasing the technology and the world-class athletes' activities, which we aggressively promote for their ability to continue their racing activity in a more professional, safety priority environment, through SCORE marketing and media channels."


2018 Archive: Jim Ryan was already a prominent award-winning media executive when he became Marketing and Sales Director for SCORE International in 2014. Jim has elevated the SCORE Journal publication and the SCORE brand to 24-hour Marketing Impact through the Race Series, Special Events, Social Media, Television,, and the SCORE app. While also serving SCORE as Contingency Director, it’s Jim’s work as editor and publisher of SCORE Journal, which recently launched a Spanish content edition, that has made the biggest impact. SCORE Journal’s online format and quality content now garners over 60 million well-deserved unique page views each month. Jim recently completed work on the 50th anniversary SCORE Baja 1000 commemorative book and is finishing up the companion book for the 50th anniversary of the Baja 500.