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Kathryn Lynch

Kathryn Lynch

2020-2021, Advocate

Lynch & Associates has represented the Off-Road Vehicle Legislative Coalition since 2016 in the California Legislature. We successfully worked on legislation in 2017 (SB 249) to remove a 30-year-old sunset on the Off-highway motor vehicle recreation program housed in our California State Parks. This makes permanent that program.

This year we have tracked almost 100 bills impacting OHV and successfully reinstated our OHMVR Commission in a budget trailer bill and successfully negotiated a land arrangement to have an equitable and available land swap for OHV in the budget. It's a precedent establishing "no net loss" for OHV.

We also sponsored legislation this year seeking registration reciprocity with other states that have limited California's access in their states. We support legislation and initiatives that create new opportunities, access for all, increased access for disadvantaged communities, and youth participation.

California has a very strong environmental and social justice focus and our organization will work on demonstrating how OHV can enhance the environment and create recreational opportunities. We hope to introduce OHV to new audiences and communities and explore and showcase new technologies.