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Matt Caldwell

Matt Caldwell

2020-2021, Advocate

I became the Executive Director on October 1, 2020. Since then, our Team has worked hard to reinvigorate Tread Lightly! brand. TL! will complete nearly 50 projects and attend nearly 40 events nationwide in 2021, impacting the offroad community with our stewardship and educational efforts. We have also begun a process to regionalize our Team for greater impact and we will also be adding two new Program Managers to our Team on October 1. Through these efforts the TL! brand is growing and the awareness and participation are heading in the right direction. We have added over 5000 new members in the last 12 months.

Off-Road for me is a passion. It's what I love. It's where I find peace and rest. Off-Road for me is a community. It's friends that are there for you and people that will help and support you. The plan for the future is to continue to grow Tread Lightly! We need to continue to grow, so we can do what is needed to keep trails on public lands accessible for motorized recreation for years to come.

Photo Credit:  Tread Magazine