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Michael McGarity

Michael McGarity

2022, Advocate

Michael McGarity’s skills, passion, and longtime dedication to working in land use will surely be a major asset to advocating on behalf of the off-roaders in California. Michael has been personally involved with off-road advocacy for over 15 years. He is a long-time member of the Clovis Independent 4 Wheelers Club and has served as the President of that club for many years where he volunteered hand and hand with the Sierra National Forest as an advocate for access to our public land for off-road vehicles.

When Michael isn’t busy at an off-road show or event, then you would find him volunteering for the Sierra National Forest within their Adopt-A-Trail program. Michael has been busy with trail clearing and maintenance. Michael wrote and received OHV grants for many years through the OHMVR Grants. Michael gives all he can for the betterment of off-road recreation in California, to protect off-road access, and for the long-term sustainability of our sport.

Michael previously served on the Board of Directors for Friends of Oceano Dunes from 2020 – 2022 and has been deeply immersed in the issues and fight for Oceano Dunes SVRA. Michael’s involvement includes attendance at many State Parks OHMVR Commission, APCD, and Coastal Commission meetings. He wrote many comment letters to government and agency officials related to his work with Friends of Oceano Dunes. Michael has brought many valuable contributions to the Friends of Oceano Dunes team, and he has been a major asset in the fight save Oceano Dunes SVRA. Michael joined the “CORVA” California Off-Road Vehicle Association Board of Directors in 2021 as the VP of Administration. His primary duty was and continues to be the publication of “ORIA” Off Roaders in Action magazine. In April 2022 he became the President of CORVA.

Through Michael’s work in the land use arena, he has kindled and built many relationships with government officials in California State Parks, US Forest Service, and BLM. Over the past 12 months, Michael has built relationships and worked with many of the Executive Directors and Presidents of other land use organizations. He has developed many amazing friendships within the off-road industry businesses and manufacturers. Michael never stops pursuing vendors for event fundraising and partnerships within the off-road community.

Michael attends many off-road events and shows during the year. He volunteers and the CORVA booth and shares his passion for off-road advocacy with the participants walking by. He literally works every day on off-road advocacy. Michael has done much important work in public land and off-road advocacy through collaboration and partnerships with many stakeholders. 

Michael says, "The future of what off-road will be defined by the culture we create. Culture is what motivates and retains volunteers to keep working by my side to help protect off-roading on public land. I must stay engaged with all stakeholders to ensure the culture stays valued, appreciated, and respected. This is done through the positive influences I have in my position of leadership. I must maintain positivity in my actions, words, and thoughts. Culture is influenced by emotions, and this affects others around us. My plan for the future is the be a positive influencer, a strong advocate for off-roading, and part of the reason why we have off-roading in California. My voice and actions impact the culture of off-road advocacy. My words matter and it’s going to take all of us, joining forces to make a difference."