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Ryan Arciero

Ryan Arciero

2020-2021, 2019, 2018, Desert Racing

2020 was a shortened year due to Covid but we were fortunate to at least get in two races. At 2020 Mint 400 we lead until the last 30 miles and suffered a flat that put us back to 3rd. The game-ender for us in 2020 was Vegas to Reno where we suffered a huge blow to the 32 truck when it caught fire and burned to the ground.

Determined, we rebuilt, and in 2021 the first race for the 32 out of the box we won the BITD Vegas to Reno in TT and overall 4wheel vehicle. We have two more races left in 2021, the granddaddy, the Baja 1000 to La Paz which believe me we are throwing everything at in order to bring home my 4th Baja 1000 victory as well as some redemption in December at this year's Mint 400 in the 32 truck.

Off-Road racing has been my life! I was born into this sport back in 1973 with my Dad Frank and Uncle Albert forging names and successes for themselves in this special form of motorsports. Since as far back as I remember, this sport has driven me to be just like my Dad and Uncle and to absorb everything they did throughout their careers in this sport to achieve success.

I am going on 30 years of racing in this sport. There is no other that challenges you both mentally and physically. I have been incredibly fortunate to have won some of the biggest races in our sport multiple times and this is my driving force as I find new ways to better myself and achieve yet another win for my team and sponsors. This sport goes far beyond just trying to succeed and be the best driver out there.

One of the most incredible things about this sport is the people and how much we all create such an incredible bond and family. The fans are some of the most passionate and dedicated fans in the world and it is the big driving force for me when I meet them, hear their stories about how this sport has affected them in such a positive way like it has in my life. Without the people that make up this sport, the fans who support this sport, and my family who day after day, support my dream of racing, I would not be living my dream. Off-Road racing is my air, and I cannot imagine life without it.

2018-2019 Archives: Ryan made the list for the 2019 Impact Awards in the Desert Racing Category for his win in the inaugural SCORE Baja 400. The race was close, with the first six trucks crossing the line within two minutes of each other. Ryan comes from a family of desert racers. His father, Frank ‘Butch’ Arciero Jr, will be inducted into the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame this year. The late Bob Gordon, also a Hall of Famer, was one of Ryan’s mentors and co-drivers. Ryan also credits Ivan Stewart, another Hall of Famer, for his guidance. Ryan’s win in the 400 gives him the pole position at the upcoming SCORE Baja 1000. “We have to beat Baja before anything else, Ryan said in a recent interview, “If we beat Baja, I guarantee you we’re going to beat the competition.”

Ryan was the voters choice in 2018.