Bill Sanders

Bill Sanders was one of the original editors of Four Wheeler Magazine; he lifted the sport from obscurity to the public recognition, by faithfully covering nearly every off-road race of significance from Baja to Las Vegas.  When it came to the building of the industry, Bill and Four Wheeler offered story after story on manufacturers struggling to gain recognition.  He worked on the human interest aspect as well, by doing feature articles on the drivers who engaged in the major races, and promoting many who are now fellow ORMHOF Inductees.   Besides being involved with the monthly magazine, Sanders took time to become a real off-road racer.  He was able to find help to build a Toyota FJ, which he ran in the 1973 Mexican 1000 resulting in a Class 3 victory; it was the first Toyota vehicle to win in the Baja.  Bill helped to grow off-road motorsports into a sport with worldwide recognition during the early years of off-road racing, and provided a place for those who were also supporting the sport to showcase their work.