Bob Steinberger

Bob “the Weatherman” Steinberger is known as the voice of desert racing. Bob entered the off-road world in 1972, leaving his first race frustrated and concerned because there was no communication between the race car and pits. Bob suggested two way radios be put into the race car and pit; radio communication has been part of off-road racing ever since. The Weatherman drives to the top of the highest mountain and sits by himself for the entire race so every racer stays in contact with his team and checkpoint attendants and emergency crews are always kept up to date. He is always making sure no driver is left behind. Steinberger’s involvement with off-road motorsports has extended beyond the radio. He has been a long time member of C.O.R.V.A. and was president of F.A.I.R. (First Association of Independent Racers) for five years, a race team owner, pit crew member, racer and volunteers to do race car retrieval. It is clear the Weatherman has spent the last 40 years living his passion, making desert racing a safer sport.  Bob passed away in 2017.