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Brad Lovell

Brad Lovell

An ambassador to Off-Road, Brad played a leading role in bringing Ford 'back to the rocks'. He promotes the importance of responsible use of public lands and representing off-road in a professional manner.

With 19 years in competition, Brad has had a tremendous effect on Off-Road. From a start in a two-car garage and a used Ranger, Brad has built a small empire demonstrating that the little guy can build it, can win, and can be successful. Competing and winning Off-Road builds a fan base, it’s what you do with the traction that counts. Brad has worked to tirelessly to promote responsible land use, most notably through three successful “Expedition Colorado” events. 

His greatest impact and achievement has been with Ford. Motivated by only the desire to give something back, he has worked tirelessly, hand in hand with Ford in development, design, testing, and racing the new Bronco. He has developed Off-Road events for the consumer and holds the prestigious role of the “Off-Road customer” stakeholder with Ford to direct and design strategy across the fleet. 

“Brad is in that very specialized group of off-road motorsports people who have made it to the top of the professional ranks,” said ORMHOF inductee Bob Bower.

“For Brad and Lovell Racing, delivering success to sponsorship partners carried equal priority to reaching checkered flags in first place.”

Brad has no single crowning achievement that has made Off-Road better because he knows it takes an entire community. From his engagement with fans and fellow racers, the resurrection of the iconic Bronco, and most recently passing the steering wheel to the next generation of Lovells, Brad continues to shine a positive and professional spotlight on Off-Road.

“Brad is an enthusiastic and tireless ambassador for off-road motorsports. We have witnessed and appreciate his willingness to talk to fans at events, especially kids, said AMSOIL President and CEO Alan Amatuzio. “Brad embodies professionalism, perseverance, and competitiveness – traits that align perfectly with the mission of the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame.”

2004 – PRESENT

Lovell Racing / Primary Driver & Team Owner

Primary Driver for Lovell Racing’s expansive fleet of Off-Road racing vehicles including a 1968 Vintage Bronco, Ultra 4 Lovell Ranger, 2021 Ultra 4 Bronco, Gieser Spec Trophy Truck, and Polaris RZR (Showroom Stock UTV Class). As the primary team owner, Brad is responsible for all fleet management, fabrication, and event logistics. All aspects of racing throughout the United States and Mexico are handled in-house.

Brad has won in nearly every off-road discipline including desert, King of the Hammers, short course, rock crawling, and hill climbs. Lovell Racing has developed partnerships with Ford, Nissan, and Polaris, and worked with a wide variety of media outlets such as Top Gear, Power Nation, and The Enthusiast Network.

2011 - 2018 

BFGoodrich Tires / SCORE Baja 1000 Performance Team Driver 

Brad serves as a driver for the in-house BFGoodrich Tires “Baja Challenge” class car. For each of 9 Baja 1000s, the team has pre-run the entire course while guided and trained by the most experienced scouts in the industry. Winning for the first time in 2012, Brad helped make the team dominant with a total six victories.  During this time, Brad developed skills in Baja safety, geography, self-recovery, and terrain reading. Brad coached inexperienced drivers, performed race-saving mechanical fixes, and soaked up every bit of Baja knowledge that he could.  

2017 - PRESENT 

Ford Motor Company / Bronco & Limit Off-Road Training Manager 

Brad works with the Bronco product development team to offer engineering feedback, product validation, and host remote testing operations. He acted as logistics manager and guide during multiple trips in Johnson Valley CA, Moab UT, Durhamtown GA, and through the Rubicon Trail. Brad is the lead off-road development driver for the program.  He also manages and is the lead trainer for the Ford Limit Off-Road Endorsement.


  • 6 SCORE Baja 1000 class wins
  • 2 SCORE Baja 500 class wins
  • 4 NORRA 1000 class wins
  • 3 King of the Hammers EMC Overall wins
  • 2012 Dirtsports Magazine Driver of the Year
  • 2012 TORC Pro-Lite Champion
  • 2012 Ultra4 Champion
  • 54 Career wins
  • 10 Season championships 

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