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Chris Collard

Chris Collard

Chris' achievements are not only based on awards, trophies or certificates, but in his words and photos that have been published around the world. He brings enthusiasm to the world of off-road journalism, and a high level of integrity and credibility.

His coverage of events and four wheel drive adventures is authentic and inspiring. Chris has focused on telling stories, bringing off-road competition and 4WD expedition travel to the public’s front door. Print media coverage includes competitions such as the Australian Safari and Outback Challenge, Outback Challenge Morocco, and the SCORE Baja series. He was also a member of the Expeditions 7 team, which is believed to be the first American expedition to cross Antarctica by four-wheel drive vehicles.

Learn more about ORMHOF inductee Chris Collard in this Conversations with Big Rich podcast:

ORMHOF inductee Chris Collard, Class of 2015, shares some great storytelling, which is right in his wheelhouse. Who knew you could go from UPS driver to premier magazine editor and writer?  That’s my favorite part of the story, how Chris gets invited and takes the opportunity to get in the room. So grateful to interview long-time history-makers in the industry. Congratulations to Chris Collard, a 2015 inductee into ORMHOF; Chris is why we say; legends live at  

3:00 – Surfing or milking goats, which would you do?

9:03 – I worked since I could walk                                

19:54 –The UPS guys were the world sex symbols 

29:14 – I’m on a first-class flight, and Mark Smith was querying me, the finale – damn kid, get off your ass and do it!

32:21 – If you’re going to be a photographer, you better be a writer, too!

39:45 – Good storytellers put you in the seat with them

49:22 – The story starts…I remember being in Zambia (be sure to listen to this one!)

53:46 – I’m historically an optimist, but I’ve had some moments…this one time in Morocco (another great story!)

59:06 – I’ll take some morphine for the road

1:07:03 – The runway is like a worm, but don’t worry, the pilots have some vodka before they land