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Art Schmitt

Art Schmitt


Year Started: 1976

Art Schmitt, a trailblazer in short-course off-road racing, has made a profound impact on the sport through his passion, dedication, and numerous accomplishments. His journey began at a young age when his uncle gifted him a damaged Volkswagen Beetle. This ignited Art's love for competitive racing and mechanics, setting him on a path to greatness.

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Art sharpened his racing abilities by participating in local hill climbs and trail races in Pennsylvania and Ohio, where he achieved multiple victories. Eager for greater challenges, he ventured to Canada and joined the Probst brothers in their regional racing series. Art's unyielding drive for success caught the attention of Nissan Motorsports, leading to a factory sponsorship and creation of a three-truck professional race team.

Over the next 30 years, Art and his dedicated team traversed the country biweekly, exemplifying their unwavering commitment to short-course off-road racing. Art's impressive list of accolades includes 147 career wins, 12 class championships, 3 Driver of the Year awards, and 2 Hard Charger awards, making him one of the sport's most triumphant drivers.

Among Art's many achievements, he has claimed 17 Crandon World Championships, earning three prestigious 25th-anniversary rings. His successes span the Class 9 Buggy, Unlimited Buggy, and 7's Truck (Prolite) categories, further highlighting his remarkable influence on the growth and development of short-course off-road racing.

Submitted by: AJ Schmitt
Created: April 28, 2023