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Brick Privy

Brick Privy


Year Started: 1967

Pete Condos was a master off-road race car builder and fabricator for big names like James Garner and Steve McQueen, but when it came to building a rig to compete in the early days of the Baja 1000 for himself, he took a more whimsical approach. It was McQueen who dubbed Condos' Baja racer the “Brick Privy” as a tongue-in-cheek nod to its solid construction.

Known for converting new Land Cruisers to V8 power out of his company Con-Ferr Manufacturing Company (Con-Ferr is short for Pete Condos and Frank Ferro), Condos is said to have used a Land Cruiser as the base for the Brick Privy.  The Brick Privy has V-8 Power, 4WD with high and low range, power steering, and coil-over shocks. It earned a respectable second-place finish in the 1969 Baja 1000.

Hot Rod Magazine featured the Brick Privy in their Hot Rod Magazine Yearbook - Fun Cars, dubbing it "the Men's Vroom".

The Brick Privy was Condos' second-favorite Con-Ferr vehicle, behind the Meyers Manx/Con-Ferr dune buggy built for Steve McQueen to drive in the movie, The Thomas Crown Affair.

Condos kept the Brick Privy as his personal car until his death in 2009. The car remained with his estate until it was sold at auction in 2013.

Note: Pete Condos is partially responsible for the formation of the Off-Road Hall of Fame’s existence, in that he passed on the idea to its creator Ed Pearlman. Condos stated that one of his favorite things is that he had the fortune to see the formation of off-roading from its inception to the sport which it has grown to today.

Submitted by: Barbara Rainey
Created: February 09, 2022