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Hurrah Pass

Hurrah Pass


The route's first 3 miles snake through Kane Springs Canyon, where sandstone walls the size of skyscrapers tower over the cottonwood lined creek. A fern-encrusted, freshwater spring seeping from the roadside cliffs makes for a refreshing stop. Farther on, the canyon widens to a broad valley lined with rows of multicolored cliffs. Shortly after splashing through the creek, the road bends west and rises steadily to Hurrah Pass.

At Hurrah Pass, you are tugged by competing views of the valley through which you just traveled and a sublime panorama of Utah's Red Rock Province. Far below, the Colorado River flows confidently through Canyonlands National Park toward the confluence with the Green River. These rivers, along with their attendant tributaries, wind and rain have carved the land into a colossal layer cake of naked, sun-burnt strata.

It's 20 miles round trip, from the trailhead to Hurrah Pass. 

(38.533179, -109.600544)

Hurrah Pass
(38.481978, -109.625168)

Submitted by: Barbara Rainey
Created: February 08, 2022