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Mag 7

Mag 7


Since 1967,  MAG 7 has provided pit support to racers for the longest and most grueling Baja offroad races. 

What sets MAG 7 apart from other Baja racing pit organizations? Earned family!  We are a band of brothers and sisters, united by our love of offroad racing, Baja, and each other. Many of us are Veterans. All are volunteers.

Today, we are refocusing our efforts on UTVs, the future of offroad racing, and we hope to provide race support and people in the pits for another 50 years!

MAG 7 is the only pit support organization that is a tax-exempt 501c7 non-profit organization incorporated in California. The IRS reserves the 501c7 designation for “social clubs” that are organized for the members’ pleasure, recreation, or other nonprofit purposes. So, when you see a picture of a MAG 7 pit crew in the dust at night in the middle of nowhere and they are smiling, know that they are there for love, not money. All MAG 7 fees pay for equipment, supplies, and expenses — nothing more.

Working a pit, especially in Baja, is difficult, dirty, and requires long sleepless hours. All MAG 7 members understand and accept these conditions. Most say that their first trip to pit in Baja was a life-changing event. They had joined the family of racers and pit crews. The military Veterans in MAG 7 will tell you that it captures something that they miss from their service. They are, again, a part of something much bigger than themselves with a team of their brothers and sisters. MAG 7 can field up to 200 pit crew members in as many as 9 pits for a peninsula-length race.

Steve McQueen's famed Baja Boot relied on MAG 7 pit support in the early Baja races.

Today, MAG 7 is a family of racers and pit crews. Every member is a volunteer who enjoys Baja, desert racing, and the adrenaline rush of a day out in the pits. We’ve embodied that true Baja spirit south of the border for over fifty years.  We pit in some of the most remote and beautiful parts of the Baja peninsula. Pit intervals are driven by racer fuel tanks.  Prior to race day, each pit crew travels to the pit location and the pit captain picks the exact pit spot based on local terrain, weather, chaser accessibility, racer visibility, and other factors — with safety as the #1 priority. Typical numbers are 5 pits for a 500-mile race & 9 for a 1,000-mile race.

MAG 7 pits are always set up with safety as our #1 concern. We have over 50 years of experience pitting for professional racers in Baja. All pit locations are marked on the course with 1-mile, ¼ mile, and “Pit Here” signs. We also provide a well-marked entrance and exit for the racers. Fuel, tires, tools, and supplies are staged in the most accessible but safest spots in the pit.  In addition to fuel, tires, power tools, and supplies, MAG 7 also sets up our long-range antenna and radio to communicate with the infamous Weatherman and neighboring pits. We stage with cool water, clean rags, and a shady spot so racers can catch a break or eat a quick meal.

When a racer pulls into the pit, the MAG 7 pit crew checks the race vehicle for every possible problem, including flat tires, leaking fluids, and suspension damage. Any problem that is found is addressed by the most experienced pit crew members. Finally, the Pit Captain releases the vehicle back onto the course, and you’re off!

For over 50 years, MAG 7 has aspired to be the most professional and safest experience possible with our volunteer pit crews. Our pit captains and their right-hand crew members — many of whom are military Veterans — have been pitting in Baja for decades.  MAG 7 strives for the best reputation for affordability, reliability, and attention to detail.  All of us in the MAG 7 family have dedicated ourselves to be there for you and help you when you need it most.

Submitted by Mike Shatynski, Secretary, MAG 7 Desert Pit Services, March 2024

Submitted by: Barbara Rainey
Created: June 09, 2021