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McMillin Racing

McMillin Racing


Year Started: 1975

Pictured:  L-R Mark, Scott, and Corky McMillin

ORMHOF inductee Corky McMillin was the patriarch of McMillin Racing. Corky is a 2006 Hall of Fame legacy inductee. 

Corky's sons, Mark and Scott, are also very successful off-road racers.  Mark was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2018.

Mark's sons, Dan and Luke, both race off-road in the SCORE International Trophy Truck class.

Scott's son, Andy, also races in the Trophy Truck class with SCORE International.  Scott's daughter, Jessica, has also had success as an off-road competitor.

The history of McMillin Racing is documented in the book "The Big Blue M: The McMillin Racing Story". 

The third generation of McMillin's, Dan, Luke, and Andy, are still making history, and no doubt their accomplishments will be enough to fill another book.


Submitted by: Barbara Rainey
Created: February 07, 2022