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Modesto Ridge Runners

Modesto Ridge Runners


Year Started: 1968

The Modesto Ridge Runners Club has been active since 1968. The club was started by five die-hard off-road guys from the Stanislaus County (California) area. The Club participates in events to enjoy off-roading, outdoors, riding in the desert, dunes, and mud.

The club is a non-profit organization and its purpose is to teach safe off-roading to the public. The Modesto Ridge Runners donate to CORVA (California Off-Road Vehicle Association), an advocate of keeping public lands open for all to enjoy. 

Events attended by Modesto Ridge Runners members include the CORVA Jamboree, Frank Raines Spring Fling, President's Day Hollister Hills, Stuck Fest La Grange OHV, and many other outings for members. The High Desert Rally (Hawthorne, NV) is an event that the Modesto Ridge Runners organize every year. The Club also attends some community parades, such as the Turlock Christmas Parade, Modesto Light Parade, and Christmas Tree Lane (Ceres). The Modesto Ridge Runners has adopted Frank Raines Off-Road Park and La Grange OHV Park and has scheduled clean-ups in these parks to keep the off-road and campground areas clean of trash, debris and recyclable materials.

The High Desert Rally organized by the Modesto Ridge Runners every year started out with 5 vehicles and now over 100+ vehicles register to participate in the annual rally, which is located in Hawthorne, Nevada. 

The club is dedicated to safe off-roading and is made up of members that have all makes and models of off-road vehicles. Members have assisted other off-road clubs in putting on fundraising events to benefit off-road parks and public agencies.

Submitted by Doug Houser, March 2022


Submitted by: Doug Houser
Created: March 04, 2022