Danny Foddrill

Danny Foddrill – ORMHOF Class of 2020

Danny Foddrill began his journey into off-road in the late 60’s. He and his friends would ride out to the desert and create their own races, long before most of the off-road racing series were established. They would take Jeeps, dirt bikes, or their dune buggies and drag race just outside of town. His passion for building and off-road started way back in high school on the front porch of his parent’s house, where he built a Jeep from the ground up, including the headers.

After attending ASU and working for APSM Danny dove deep into the off-road world at “Palmer’s Custom Speed” in 1975. There they built the famous Chaparral Chassis, which were ahead of their time and won countless races.

During the early years, he got behind the wheel, and this was a point in his life that the passion grew even deeper for the sport. It was in these early years of racing that he honed his craft and developed his suspension parts, which are sought after to this day.

Danny won a few races, raced in more than he can count, built numerous cars, and led many racers and teams. He may have started in the off-road world many years ago, but he is constantly innovating ways to make the race vehicles and off-road vehicles better and more durable while continuing to help the industry stay strong.

Danny built and raced this Chaparral, photo is from the 1984 Frontier 250.

Danny Foddrill has played many roles in the off-road industry. He’s built, designed, driven, owned, prepared, promoted, and supported countless off-road vehicles. He’s also had a big hand in developing many racing careers and racing enthusiasts alike. His history with the sport runs deep & wide. With a career that spans more than forty years, Danny Foddrill is a well-respected veteran leader in the off-road community.

Danny and son Larry, who is standing on a Chaparral at an early race in Snowflake, Arizona.

Danny is known for his superior welding and fabrication skills. His Foddrill Arms and Spindles are second to none and have been used on thousands of off-road vehicles for almost four decades. On top of these industry staples, Danny has built and maintained hundreds of cars, and owned and supported dozens of race teams.

Some of these teams included Wins from:
Larry Ragland: 250, Parker 400 Baja 500
Richard Roberts: Baja 1000
Larry Foddrill: Pace & Loors
Peter Alesi: Baja 1000
Kevin McCullough – ‘17 Loors Championship
Danny Foddrill- ADRA Wickenburg ‘87, Point 2 Point ‘93
Rob Martensen, ‘16 Baja 1000 Class 12

In 1983 Danny opened his own business, Foddrill Fabrication. To this day Danny Foddrill’s shop, Fod Fab, is a hub for racers and off-road enthusiasts. Many off-road entrepreneurs will attest to getting their start at Danny’s shop. He has and continues to mentor aspiring builders and fabricators. He shares his deep wealth of knowledge with anyone who has a passion for learning.

Seeing the need for a one stop shop for all things off-road in Arizona, Danny expanded with a retail off-road parts store. Danny opened Foddrill Motorsports in 2007 with his business partner Denny Lee.

To know Danny is to know that he loves this industry with a passion. He has always given his time, energy, and expertise freely and will continue to give back to the industry in any way he possibly can. Today, at 70, Danny can still be found at his shop behind a welding mask fabricating parts, and out at the race tracks supporting his own and other race teams … giving his all to ensure everyone finishes the race!