David Ashley

David Ashley has been engaged in off-road motorsports for 43 years.  He has successfully raced motorcycles, buggies, off-road trucks, and stadium vehicles.   His career started as a young man, when he won a gold medal for the United States (and his Yamaha sponsor), in the Six Day Trials in Austria.  At age 18, Dave was involved in a tragic head-on collision that ended in a fatality.  This accident inspired Dave to vow to make off-road racing a safer sport.  In his pursuit of safety, he chaired the drivers’ safety meetings for many of his races, as well as worked with race promoters to avoid hidden hazards.  He also worked with many less experienced drivers, sharing techniques to avoid problems.  Dave took his passion for safety to vehicle manufacturers and, for the last 22 years, he has worked with the transmission, safety, engine, chassis development, motorsports and special vehicle teams (SVT) of Ford Motor Company, as a consultant in their testing, research, and development efforts.  Dave’s current assignments include: test driving for the Safety Rollover Airbag Sensor team, building the Raptor Race Vehicle for international competition, and working for Roush, as the manager for Ford Off-Road Track Safety.