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Del Albright

Del Albright

Del has shared 35 years of wisdom, experience in leadership, and supervision to help keep public lands open to the public.  He has spent time working on trails, attending meetings, writing letters, joining and starting organizations, and meeting with elected officials to effectively save access to public lands.

While he is known for doing all of these things, in addition to being a Life Member of the California 4Wheel Drive Association, his most significant contribution to off-road motorsports sets him apart from others in land-use: educating and mentoring the OHV community.   His extensive background in leadership, supervision, and management has allowed him to mentor many other land-use advocates through his volunteer and leadership training courses and books, as well as his Volunteer Leader and Land Stewardship (VLLS) workshops.  Del has also guided smaller groups, such as 4×4 clubs, as well as  “Friends of” organizations that have modeled themselves after the Friends of the Rubicon, which Del was a principal founder of many years ago.

Learn more about ORMHOF inductee Del Albright in this Conversations with Big Rich podcast:

3:32 – Leave it to Beaver incarnate

7:15 – we’d stop when we got to the Colorado River

16:38 – I needed some padding in the back of this 58 station wagon – to transport my musical instruments …

23:09 – I did everything combat the United States Army had to offer

28:46 – I’ve been in uniform forever

31:52 – I started getting into Jeeps and have been broke ever since

36:12 – they train me to be a coyote

41:06 – I met this astronaut from Apollo 13

45:05 – my master’s degree is prescribed burning for wildlife habitat

49:21 – I’m selective on how I pick on the changes the wackos have made

55:03 – it’s a desert wash, it changes every year

1:08:28 – my mission was to get people enough knowledge and tools to deal with the bureaucracy

1:17:49 – the 4 E’s of Enlightenment

1:24:10 – it’s a full-time job to keep people motivated