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Eric Solorzano

Eric Solorzano

This is the inspirational story of an orphan boy from Tijuana who became the winningest Mexican national in off-road racing history. Eric Solorzano, welcome to the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame.

“In addition to being the winningest Mexican National in off road racing history, Eric is a fair yet determined competitor,” said BILSTEIN’s Brent Davis, “Eric is an incredible role model for current and future generations.”

Robert Lawrence, who nominated Solorzano for the Hall of Fame, says “Eric is a humble racer who will give anyone the shirt off his back if they need it. He shares his racing advice with anyone who asks. Eric Solorzano is a Champion, hero, role model and mentor.”

Eric bought his first VW Bug in 1989. His first race was in 1991, and he still owns and races, the same car, more than 30 years later!  He has a second VW, which he also races.  Eric’s VWs compete in Class 11, the stock VW class. He first competed in the Mexican Record Series and then SCORE International, where he has won 11 championships and still competes to this day.

Why Class 11?  Eric says, “To me first is my family, Class 11 was the only real option for my budget without compromise. It’s very easy to spend more than what you really have in off-road racing. This is more than enough to keep me busy and be happy which is the point of all this, to have fun and not feel like you have to prove anything to anyone, pure passion.”

“Eric became the ‘King of Class 11’ by working six days a week as a mechanic while being a husband and father with eight children, sending them to college,” Robert Lawrence said, “He has used his success to promote the sport of off-road in the press, in movies, as a mentor, and to inspire the less fortunate who dream of racing.” 

Eric Solorzano Career Highlights: 

11 SCORE Championships  | 10 Baja 1000  | 7 Baja 500  11 San Felipe 250 | 9 SCORE Primm 300 

4 SCORE Desert Challenge | 3 Mint 400 

2-time Toyota Milestone award winner

Honored by the Mexican Government as the “Winningest Mexican in off road racing history”.

Eric was featured in Dust to Glory and Dust 2 Glory (Sequel) produced by Dana Brown, who was Eric’s co-driver in the second movie.  Dana said, “My films are about the Baja 1000 and the SCORE race series. Both featured Eric because he was a great racer and a symbol of ‘the little guy that could’. David versus Goliath, with his Class 11 VW challenging the most difficult of challenges—The Baja. Eric is a beacon of hope and help to countless others who want to follow a dream on a limited budget.”

A representative from Rugged Radios, one of Eric’s sponsors, said, “Eric continues to prove that winning races is not about big budgets but about competing within your means. He is a shining example of what can be accomplished through hard work, determination, and integrity.”

But Tim’s true passion is the local people of Baja that allow him to enjoy and share their land. He continually goes out of his way to show gratitude and teach others to travel South of the border with the same attitude.