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Jeff Cummings

Jeff Cummings

“Jeff personifies the spirit and character of what the Hall of Fame stands for.” – Harold Phillips, Global General Manager, BFGoodrich Tires.

Jeff started his career with BFGoodrich Tires in 1979. For 43 years, he lived and breathed his #DirtyTiresHappyTires hashtag with the BFGoodrich brand.  ORMHOF inductee and board member Frank DeAngelo said, “Jeff Cummings has been heavily involved in the industry since 1979 behind the scenes and has made BFGoodrich Tires the brand it’s known for today.”

From 1979 to 1991 Jeff was a Performance Tire Manager for BFG, working enthusiast events and shows, providing motorsports support, and implementing new product introductions.  In 1991 he transitioned to Regional Performance Tire Manager. In addition to his original duties, Jeff helped in the development of the Rod Hall Driving School and helped manage the BFG off-road racing programs. He helped with racecourse mapping and chase access, the BFG map books, and running support pits. Jeff established the BFG brand in rock crawling competitions, sweeping four series for three consecutive years, and led the way for BFG’s involvement in grassroots racing.

In 2003 Jeff earned a new title: Fun With Tires Manager (FWTM).  He managed and conducted driving schools and led off-road adventures in Baja and the United States to showcase product performance in extreme conditions to customers, including over 250 tire dealers each year. 

“Jeff’s passion, knowledge, and Impact on all aspects of off-road are second to none. He’s sort of the guy behind the curtain, so I feel like often he doesn’t get the recognition that he deserves,” said ORMHOF Class of 2022 inductee Lance Clifford. “Jeff is not only a big part of BFGoodrich’s off-road history, but he is also an integral part of off-roading’s history.”

Jeff retired in 2022.  ORMHOF inductee Brad Lovell said, “I believe Jeff will find a way to continue to give back to the off-road community and bring new people in.”