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Jerry Herbst

Jerry Herbst

Jerry could simply be categorized by his achievements in terms of business, Las Vegas and the famous, gas-slinging caricature logo that represents his nickname “the best bad guy of the West.”

Jerry Herbst passed away on November 27, 2018.

Yet that is only a one-dimensional view of the impact Jerry has had on desert racing. As the founder, backer and head cheerleader of Herbst Motorsports, Jerry and his team have been a key component to the development and ultimate success of important innovations to the BFGoodrich Project tire and helped engineer new drive train technology that enabled the use of 37”, 39” and 42” tires. Along with pioneering the sport, Herbst Motorsports led by Jerry, has dominated the SCORE and Best in the Desert race tracks with 23 Class 1 event victories, 11 trophy truck event victories and 6 consecutive Class 1 championship victories, and this only names a few. Jerry’s legacy has continued with his three sons, all of whom share their father’s passion for surpassing the competition and doing whatever it takes to continue the growth of off-road racing.