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Jim Ober

Jim Ober

For many in our sport, we are behind the wheel, chasing the dust, the sun, and the never ending rough terrain. We get to the finish to start telling our stories about what happened during the race. But telling the stories and seeing what actually happened are two different things. And this is what separates Jim Ober from the racers, fabricators and crews. Jim captured those moments, in the middle of nowhere, on his own. He pioneered the profession of off-road photo journalism.

Trackside Photo was born in the early days of off-road racing. Jim was one of the only photographers to capture and preserve what would turn into a rich history, where a single photo could tell an entire story.  Trackside Photo is also where dozens of photographers got their start in the industry.  Jim’s photographers were taught how to shoot safely and respect the land. Trackside Photo’s dynamic action shots of off-road racing in the US and Baja accompanied stories in newspaper and magazines, the only event coverage available at the time.

Jim Ober and Trackside Photo have been recognized throughout the off-road industry, earning the SCORE Photographer of the Year award a remarkable 17 times.

Without Trackside Photo’s photographic record documenting 40 years of off-road, much of the history of the sport would be lost forever.