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Marty Fiolka

Marty Fiolka

Marty's involvement in off-road motorsports demonstrates a broad reach with his ability to intermix public relations, marketing, journalism, broadcasting and other expertise into one effective representation for the off-road industry.

Marty is well known for his ability to perform extensive research, publishing his first book “1000 Miles to Glory” and writing countless articles for Dirt Sports magazine. Marty was also the associate producer for the movie Dust to Glory and now executive producer for the Baja Social Club. He has been instrumental in preserving the history of the sport and has organized many events, including a parade of historic race vehicles from Tijuana to Ensenada as part of the 40th Anniversary of the Baja 1000, and again to celebrate 50 years of Baja Racing at the NORRA Mexican 1000.  Marty helped the legendary Bruce Meyers, also an ORMHOF inductee, re-launch the legendary Meyers Manx, and supported Mr. Meyers in his final race in 2014.  He has also been instrumental in reviving the interest in vintage racing and the NORRA Mexican 1000. Marty continues to build an off-road motorsports legacy, with a number of ongoing projects that will further document and celebrate the sport.

Learn more about Hall of Fame inductee Marty Fiolka in this "Conversations with Big Rich" Podcast:

4:18 – the first real seed of, Oh my God, Motorsports is so cool!

13:11 – I learned that craft with some media things and then parlayed that into a job

23:25 – there was no easy portal to the sport

29:11 – we had to promote it as an offroad cultural hub

35:21 – in the end, how much did we move the needle in offroad racing?

41:25 – it’s a fascinating history and it’s a fascinating people

46:45 – a lot of the history helped to roll out the Dirt Sport magazine too

55:05 – a couple of stories I am most proud of; Robbie Pierce getting started; the Baja 1000 Commemorative one, and ….

1:02:28 - …as a career defining moment, I think Crandon is at the very top