MIckey Thompson

MIckey Thompson

Mickey Thompson is a man who needs no introduction for his accomplishments in off-road racing. He made a major impact as a car builder, designer, innovator, driver and race organizer. He founded SCORE International in 1973 and the Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group (MTEG) in 1979. From his fist day in the “dirt” he fell in love with the sport and his presence in racing, no doubt because of his fame in other forms of racing, made an impact. He was full of ideas and a master at selling his ideas to others, in large part because of the enthusiasm and energy he brought with him.

To this day his developments in tire, shock and suspension design are still visible in the sport of off-road racing. Certainly his achievements in the organization and rulebooks of the sanctioning bodies are still evident. However, probably his most important impact on the sport and the people in it, was his ability to sell the concept. Whether it was to sponsors, racers, spectators or television executives, Mickey was a master salesman. What he achieved for the sport from the early days of bouncing through Baja with nearly no sponsorship and no notice from the rest of the world was to build a lucrative industry with many success stories, millions of fans and many more millions of dollars invested by sponsors to market their products to the many enthusiasts that have been introduced to the sport…in large part through the efforts of Mickey Thompson.

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