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ORMHOF Inductee Jim Bramham on this Episode of the Conversations with Big Rich Podcast

ORMHOF Inductee Jim Bramham on this Episode of the Conversations with Big Rich Podcast

“A Walking Encyclopedia” and “Historian Supreme” of institutional OHV knowledge," ORMHOF inductee Jim Bramham is featured in this episode of the Conversations with Big Rich podcast.

Advocacy and education are what ORMHOF inductee Jim Bramham, brings to the table. Leading the fight for years in preserving public lands, Jim does the hard part, a walking encyclopedia of OHV knowledge and land use, we are pleased to introduce him to more than California. Congratulations to Jim Bramham, a 2018 inductee into ORMHOF; Jim is why we say; legends live at  

6:51 – my neighbor bought a Jeep and I spent hours in his garage asking questions

11:29 – “You’re not going to college; you’re coming to work here.”                                

15:34 – to this day, I’ve never seen anything that would do snow like that Travelall. 

20:19 – you can’t ruin what you want to play with

26:32 – it really hurt to see somebody so dedicated to a place…have to accept that it was just going to go away

38:36 – the fact that a law enforcement presence exists, helps not just with OHV management, but with the management of all potential problems in the forest

43:15 – it’s the campfire circle that’s going to push this information to the public

49:40 – that’s going to be the push, to eliminate the randomness

55:44 – the Senate is the War Zone over land use, it always will be



Rich Klein has recorded more than 170 episodes of his popular podcast series, Conversations with Big Rich, which is available on major streaming services.  Rich is also the publisher of 4LOW Magazine and promoter of the W.E. Rock rock crawling series.  He was recently appointed to the board of directors of the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame. 


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