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ORMHOF on the Move: "Extreme Conditions" Exhibition at Petersen Museum Closes

ORMHOF on the Move: "Extreme Conditions" Exhibition at Petersen Museum Closes

The "Extreme Conditions" exhibition at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles has come to an end after an extended two-year run.  

The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles

The Petersen Automotive Museum was founded in 1994 by Hot Rod Magazine's Robert Petersen and his wife Margie.  The building was extensively remodeled in 2015 with custom perforated metal screen 'image walls' wrapped in stainless steel ribbons to become the striking architectural wonder it is today. 

A publicity piece created by the Petersen Museum for the "Extreme Conditions" exhibition featuring the ORMHOF Snortin Nortins Nova

ORMHOF was invited to participate in the "Extreme Conditions" exhibition, sending two iconic off-road vehicles for display: The 1971 Chevrolet, affectionately known as the "Snortin Nortins" Nova, and ORMHOF legacy inductee Frank 'Scoop' Vessels' 1972 Ford F-100 truck.

ORMHOF Legacy inductee Frank 'Scoop' Vessels' Ford F-100 Truck

The exhibition at the Petersen was originally slated to close at the end of 2021, but was extended through May of 2022 due to the display's popularity with visitors. 

The ORMHOF 'Snortin Nortins' Nova

Petersen Automotive Museum executive director Terry Karges said, "I want to thank the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame for loaning the outstanding vehicles for us to display in the Museum's Extreme Conditions exhibition. It would have been difficult to imagine the exhibition without them.  We eagerly anticipate the honor of collaborating again."

Special thanks and recognition goes to the Thieriot and Oger families. Cameron and Tammy Thieriot gifted the Vessels' Ford F-100 to the Hall of Fame, and Renee Oger donated the Nova to the ORMHOF in memory of her late husband Florian Oger.

The vehicles from the Petersen Exhibit are on their way to an exciting new location, the Museum of American Speed in Lincoln, Nebraska, where a special exhibit space is being developed to highlight off-road vehicles. The ORMHOF vehicles will be on display at the Museum of American Speed starting in July 2022.

ORMHOF is able to share the Hall of Fame collection of historic off-road vehicles at museums around the country thanks to the generosity of our members, partners, and donors. To support the Hall of Fame please visit and join, partner, or donate today.