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Dusty Times Digital Collection Growing: 1989 and 1990 Now Online

Dusty Times Digital Collection Growing: 1989 and 1990 Now Online

The Dusty Times Collection at the Hall of Fame is growing!

DMC Document and Microfilm Conversion has completed the scanning of issues from 1989 and 1990, 24 additional issues -- over 1,200 additional pages of off-road history are now available on the Hall of Fame website for all to enjoy.

The original Dusty Times was founded in 1983 by racer-turned-editor Jean Calvin. Dusty Times chronicled the history of off-road for more than thirty years. ORMHOF is now the caretaker of the Dusty Times archives, and it is our mission to digitize as much of the material as possible and share it online for everyone to enjoy, starting with the Dusty Times magazine.

ORMHOF inductees including Judy Smith and Jim Ober were frequent contributors to Dusty Times.  Judy wrote a popular column called 'The Losers' because she felt those stories were the most interesting.

In addition to the Dusty Times print collection, ORMHOF also maintains a collection of images and video, with new content being added as funds allow.

Please enjoy the original Dusty Times Collection and check back often for new content.  You can access all of the Hall of Fame Collections -- Print, Images, and Video -- using the Collections tab at the top of the page.

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