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New Podcast:  Meet ORMHOF Inductee Chris Collard

New Podcast: Meet ORMHOF Inductee Chris Collard

Chris Collard with ORMHOF founder and legacy inductee Rod Hall.

Chris Collard in his 'happy place' -- Out in the middle of nowhere with his trusty Toyota, a good cup of coffee, and a great story to share.

"ORMHOF inductee Chris Collard, Class of 2015, shares some great storytelling, which is right in his wheelhouse. Who knew you could go from UPS driver to premier magazine editor and writer?  That’s my favorite part of the story, how Chris gets invited and takes the opportunity to get in the room. So grateful to interview long-time history-makers in the industry. Congratulations to Chris Collard, a 2015 inductee into ORMHOF; Chris is why we say; legends live at"  -- Big Rich Klein

Chris Collard's off-road adventures have taken him around the globe, including to the bottom of the world, the geographic South Pole.

3:00 – Surfing or milking goats, which would you do?

9:03 – I worked since I could walk                                

19:54 –The UPS guys were the world sex symbols 

29:14 – I’m on a first-class flight, and Mark Smith was querying me, the finale – damn kid, get off your ass and do it!

Chris Collard with ORMHOF legacy inductee, the legendary Mark Smith. Mark had a profound influence on Chris' life.  Chris is restoring "EDLA", one of the Jeeps that made the journey on Mark Smith's Expedition de las Americas in 1978.

32:21 – If you’re going to be a photographer, you better be a writer, too!

39:45 – Good storytellers put you in the seat with them

49:22 – The story starts…I remember being in Zambia (be sure to listen to this one!)

53:46 – I’m historically an optimist, but I’ve had some moments…this one time in Morocco (another great story!)

59:06 – I’ll take some morphine for the road

1:07:03 – The runway is like a worm, but don’t worry, the pilots have some vodka before they land

Chris' off-road adventures aren't limited to land. Water counts too, right?  Chris sailing with his wife and adventure partner Suzy.

Listen to this episode of Conversations with Big Rich on Chris Collard's inductee page, or on your favorite podcast app.


Rich Klein has recorded more than 170 episodes of his popular podcast series, Conversations with Big Rich, which is available on major streaming services.  Rich is also the publisher of 4LOW Magazine and promoter of the W.E. Rock rock crawling series.  He was recently appointed to the board of directors of the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame. 


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