Nye Frank

Nye Frank’s successful career as a designer and car builder proved that he had a unique and comprehensive understanding of performance-from conception to completion-  of not only vehicle development, but also the planning and strategy needed to win races.  His work with shock absorbers in the 80’s was far ahead of its time.  He is best known for his innovative use of air shocks with the Mazda program in MTEG (Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group) and later with Rob MacCachren in SODA and CORR.  Many of the concepts Nye created have now been adopted by the industry, such as his approach to suspension tuning and the relationship between springs and shocks to form a complete suspension.  He also designed and built a Pro4 truck for MacCachren with an unheard of and unconventional four corner air-shock system; the team was so dominating that CORR outlawed the suspension, after MacCachren’ s team captured three consecutive Borg Warner trophies and several season championships.  Nye was drawn to off-road racing because of the lack of overbearing rules that suffocate many forms of traditional racing.  He led the way in new concepts in all aspects of the sport.