Dick Landfield

Dick Landfield, whose wisdom and guidance has been instrumental in making the sport what it is today. A Ford dealer in Yorba Linda, California, Landfield began his off-road racing career driving a Ford Bronco with Irv Hanks in the 1968 NORRA Baja 500. He fell in love with the challenge of off-road racing and the following year, started Enduro Racing, which has been a major force in the desert for many years. In 1972 Landfield was one of the founding members of the “First Association of Independent Racers” (F.A.I.R.), the oldest and largest independent pit support team in off-road racing today. Landfield’s Enduro Racing competed in the Mickey Thompson Stadium Series for 10 years beginning in 1979 and in 1980 talked Thompson into starting the Annual SCORE Show on a bet. In 1986, Dick retired from driving and continued on as team owner, hiring Dave Ashley as Enduro Racing’s driver and team manager. In 1991, he developed the idea for the sport’s first multi-truck team, the Rough Riders, and convinced Ford Motor Company to sponsor and campaign the team, which included Enduro Racing, Simon & Simon Racing, Stroppe Racing, Spirit Racing, Swift Motorsports and Venable Racing, all top Ford teams. Over the course of forty years, Dick Landfield has used the knowledge and influence that he earned from business and racing to help drivers, teams, promoters, sponsors and organizations at every level, achieve their goals and promote the sport.