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Scott Douglas

Scott Douglas

Scott’s love of off-roading started while growing up in the back of a Jeep in the early 1970s. His family belonged to a Jeep Club in California. There Scott learned the love and excitement of off-roading and the importance of taking care of the roads and trails of the BLM.

Scott began his off-road career on motorcycles at the Riverside International Raceway in the mid-1970s. His passion accelerated from two wheels to four in 1980 when he and his brother Steve bought a Class 8 race truck off a used car lot, prepped it, and entered the infamous Baja 500. They finished an amazing fifth in class.

Over the years Scott Douglas has successfully driven everything from stock classes to unlimited trucks, including SCORE trophy trucks and Short Course Pro4s.

Scott Douglas Career Highlights:

  • 95+ career victories
  • 8 Desert Championships (SCORE, HDRA, BITD, and Mini-Metal)
  • 2 Short-Course Championships
  • 2-time BorgWarner Cup Champion (1997, 2006)
  • 2011 Inaugural Winner of the AMSOIL Cup
  • 3 Baja 1000 Class Wins
  • 1993 SCORE San Felipe 250 overall winner in a Class 7 truck (Herzog Ranger)

“Scott was one of my local racing heroes,” said 7-Time NASCAR Cup Series Champion Jimmie Johnson. “Not only is he a nice guy with a great reputation, but he is also a hard worker and successful businessman… I always admired his talent, his willingness to mentor, and his work ethic.”

Scott was honored to promote the enthusiasm of off-road racing internationally when he was invited to a 14-day Middle East Off-Road Champions tour in 2011. They built and set up Remote-Control Off-Road tracks each night and organized team races with the troops and officers at 14 different undisclosed locations throughout Iraq and Afghanistan. Scott learned that what the soldiers really wanted was someone to talk to from back home, so he spent many long nights listening to their stories. He had the troops sign vinyl pieces that would later cover the hood of his Pro4 with a special paint job honoring the troops at a Charlotte race. Scott stated, “This was, and always will be, the highlight of my career.”

Scott has gone full circle back to his beginnings in the 1970’s enjoying all the private and public recreational land this country has to offer. Scott’s family has always encouraged him. His 98-year-old mother is still his number one fan. Scott said, “I feel so thankful that I have been involved with the off-road community for over 50 years and have been able to be a professional driver in the industry for 32 years.”