Tracy Valenta

Tracy Valenta

Tracy Valenta began off-road racing in 1971.  One of his many significant impacts on the world of off-road motorsports was his promoting a foundation of a Team concept and a professional image for his drivers and as a team owner.  Tracy and his Party Ice team were considered the premier off-road racing organization of the 1970s and ‘80s by the media, race promoters as well as by his competitors.  He promoted his team to increase publicity to not only put fans in the stands but to help his competitors as well harvest sponsorships and grow the sport.

Tracy’s team consisted of some of the most talented drivers in off-road racing including legendary Malcolm Smith and Bud Feldkamp, Rick and Roger Mears, stunt drivers Bobby Ferro and Kitty O’Neal plus rock legend Ted Nugent.  Also motocross superstars Bob Hannah, Marty Tripes, and Sue Fish.

They achieved victories at all major desert, closed course, and stadium race events from the wilds of Baja and Southern California deserts to stadium races in L. A., Pasadena, San Diego, Anaheim, Pomona and Phoenix.  In addition, Tracy’s team raced and won at venues in Washington, Michigan, New York as well as British Columbia, Montreal, and Quebec, Canada.  Tracy’s achievements in size, scope, and sponsorships were unparalleled during his tenure in the sport.

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